Gelatin is a colorless and odorless substance made from collagen that is  taken from domestic animals. Capsules made from gelatin can be of different colors and color combinations. They also come in Various sizes like 00, 0EL, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 suiting our dosage forms.

Capsules made from gelatin are also known as empty hard gelatin capsules, 2 piece capsules, or gelatin capsule shells.

We provide gelatin capsules in single colour gelatin capsules, double colour gelatin capsules, clear & transparent gelatin capsules and metallic & pearl finished gelatin capsules

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Empty Capsules wether Gelatin, HPMC Or Pearl come in a pre-locked position and need to be filled and pressed from both ends(body and cap) to lock them air tight. Filling and locking can be done manually or by filling machines.

Gelatin capsules are the most used capsules in the pharma industry because it is very cost effective.

Our Capsules work smoothly on high speed semi and fully automatic machines. In addition to it we have the material required by you in ready stock in our inventory so you dont have to wait long and get your material delivered within 3-4 business days right at your doorstep.