Gelatin Capsule is the most widely used drug delivery system in a medecine. Gelatin capsule is inert ,highly cost effective and most reliable form of drug delivery system in the pharmaceutical industry today. 

Hard Gelatin Capsules also known as gelatin capsule shells or two piece gelatin capsules or pharmaceutical capsules are two cylindrically fabricated pieces (one cap and one body) joined together loosely made primarily from food grade gelatin . 

When the hard gelatin capsule is empty and in Pre-locked position, the capsule is called empty hard gelatin capsule.  Hard gelatin capsules are supplied empty to the pharmaceutical medicine manufacturing companies where the required filling material is filled inside the capsule and then the capsule is locked airtight. This is called locked or sealed position.

The cap part is a bit wider in diameter but smaller in length than the body part of the capsule. The diameter of the body of a capsule is smaller because it has to slide inside the cap part of the capsule for the capsule to lock airtight at the time of filling.


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Pre -locked position

Sealed / locked position

Capsules are made by a process called dip molding in which food grade stainless steel pinbars are dipped in a gelatin solution of a particular viscosity and then dried. the dried capsule shells are then stripped , cut and joined together to make Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules. Then the best capsules are sorted out and supplied in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Quality is an important factor because when capsules are filled on high speed semi - automatic and fully - automatic filling machines require precise shape of the capsule. If the capsules have any form of physical deformity the machine will not be able to fill the capsules and there will be rejection from the machine which deterioriates the efficiency of the machine. 

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