Caps & Chemicals

Yash-Raj Enterprises

We are one of the largest empty capsule suppliers in India. We have been dealing for more than 50 years exclusively in-

  1. Empty hard  gelatin capsules manufacturers

  2. Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC ) capsules / empty vegetable capsules manufacturers

  3. Pearl / metallic capsules suppliers

Our office and warehouses are located  in Indore where we store our capsules under optimum temperature and humidity conditions. Our Inventory has an extensive range of empty hard gelatin  capsules with more than 100 colors and in 6 sizes of various makes, always available in ready stock. We also supply veg. capsules made of cellulose at the most competitive prices to our customers in the nutraceutical, supplement and ayurvedic industries.

We believe in not only providing our customers with the best quality capsules meeting their requirements but also in building everlasting relations with them. 

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Om Gupta, Founder

Mr. Om Gupta started his journey in the empty capsules business in 1972 and has earned a great recognition in the pharmaceutical industry.


Ajay Gupta

Mr. Ajay Gupta and Mr. Pawan Gupta joined their father's business after completing their post graduations and have helped in exponentially growing the business. 

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Pawan Gupta